X-Troop lineup

This was my first ever published work, done way back in 2002. Someone was going around compiling a booklet named "KtivaTeinu" featuring local writing talent, artwork optional. The issue was overoptimistically marked "Spring 5762", and naturally faded immediately into the myths of obscurity, taking with it the first chapters of two stories I was working on (I was always making up epic stories, writing the first few chapters and then losing interest. Still haven't quite cured myself of that). The first was about a boy who moves to a new town and makes new friends via the ragtag baseball team. How original.
The second tale was the origin story of X-Troop, the superhero team you see above. Dan Broders could freeze things (power acquired by sticking head in air-conditioning vent for 2.5 hours); his older brother Carl, a telekinetic (powers acquired via envelopment in weird gas); Johnny Cone, who was devolved into apemanhood with the contents of an experimental test tube (he wears a jetpack and laserbeam helmet); and an alien ripoff of The Thing called The Tank. Et voila! Superherohood. I think it's safe to say I've progressed a bit since then.

Drawn using:
Black ballpoint pen

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