Today's jpost.com cartoons - with a twist

Okay, so technically neither of these are "today's" cartoons, since I only found out that they had been uploaded today and it had probably happened earlier, but that isn't the twist. No, the twist is which jpost.com they appeared on--namely, the main site's Christian affiliate. That's right--for whatever reason, my cartoons have started being placed there instead of the main site's op-eds page. Why? Goodness knows, but let's get right down to it.

research shows that using earbuds to listen to loud music is causing more hearing loss at younger ages what no thanks i already had lunch today tau tel aviv university lecturer scientist podium health noise ipod ipad
This was just a little bit of humor gleaned from a news article on the subject. It's an old joke, but a good one. (Yes, that is the actual Tel Aviv University logo, as well as some pro bono product placement for Apple.)

what a lousy party none of my friends could make it this year new years eve party hat horn blower noisemaker streamers balloons mahmoud ahmadinejad muammar ghaddafi osama bin laden kim jong il dead
This was originally drawn in preparation for January 1st, featuring notable terrorists and/or dictators who kicked the bucket in 2011.

Drawn using:
No. 2 pencil (sketch) (both)
Black 0.4 mm pilot pen (both)
Black 0.5 mm pilot pen (both)
Blue 0.7 mm pilot pen (second)
Black marker (first)
Serif PhotoPlus SE (second)
Serif PhotoPlus Starter Edition (first)

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