Teen Titans Forever (heroes)

Characters I drew for a semi-AU version of Teen Titans. The heroes' souls, hidden right before their imminent deaths, possess five friends about 50 years into the future. Now calling themselves Paragon (Robin), Shadow (Raven), Zoo Boy (Beast Boy), Nova (Starfire) and Techno (Cyborg), they head for Old Jump City, which in the Titans' absence had fallen on dire times and been renamed Crime City (most of the residents moved to New Jump City, where the group lived). Reborn, the Titans fight a new generation of villains alongside a new generation of heroes!
Top row (l-r): Intell, superintelligent gadgeteer; Flare, fire powers; Dynamo, electricity
Next row (l-r): Hydrus, Japan-based water controller; Annie O., Western-themed heroine; Gal Friday, Philippine fighter; Stalwart, superstrong Aborigine; Lady Liberty, patriotic sorceress
Third row (l-r): El Toro, Spanish strongman; Rushfire, Starfire's little brother who was lost for years in an alternate dimension with retarded aging effects; Nova; Dextra, stretching powers; Tyger, artificial mutant
Fourth row (l-r): X-Dude, hippie peacenik with limited control of the fabric of reality; YellowJacket, current holder of Gabriel's Horn; Zoo Boy; U-Gene, British shapeshifter
Bottom row (l-r): Shadow; Paragon; Techno; Lucky, probability manipulator with limited speed abilities
Lucky, Dextra, Rushfire, YellowJacket and X-Dude are all descendants of the original Teen Titans' contemporaries, and call themselves Generation neXt (or GenX for short).
Hydrus and Dynamo are long-lost twins, since reunited; the twist is that they genuinely hate each other's guts, and get along about as well as, well, water and electricity.
Robin's and Starfire's romance is complicated by the fact that their hosts are first cousins...

Drawn using:
No. 2 pencil

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