Teen Titans Forever (villains)

What would the Forever Titans be without worthy opponents to fight??
Top row (l-r): Mage, an ancient wizard's spirit possessing the Amazing Mumbo's body; Poltergeist, ghost powers; Doc Dimension, larcenous teleporter
Next row (l-r): Jack Caesar, delusional Greek-themed crime boss; Jailbird, fires concussive blasts; Entropy, powerful telepath and "chaos controller"; Current, electrical abilities; Wager, compulsive gambler and master criminal
Third row (l-r): Q'tongg, shapeshifting alien; Boom Box, demolitions expert; Acolyte, current leader of the HIVE; Upgrade, a cyborg; Laser, a newer, better and for some reason feminine version of Overload; Toxic, a living mass of poison
Fourth row (l-r): Sonix, deaf sound-manipulator; Optika, cybernetic eyewear; a time-displaced Billy Numerous
Bottom row (l-r): Yo-Yo, wields yo-yo based weaponry; Knockout, femme fatale; Vandal, superstrong brute; Null, power-nullifying thief
Knockout, Vandal, Upgrade, Billy Numerous, Yo-Yo and Sonix are the members of Team Trouble, the present-day counterpart of the HIVE Five. They lived in the abandoned Titans' Tower in Crime City until the Forever Titans came to kick them out and reclaim Jump City.

Drawn using:
No. 2 pencil

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