Today's J. Post cartoon

Nazi death camp guard John Demjanjuk's trial kicked off today in Germany. Maybe this time justice will be served.

Drawn using:
No. 2 pencil (sketch)
Blue 0.4 mm pilot pen
Black 0.4 mm pilot pen
Black 0.7 mm pilot pen
Serif PhotoPlus 6.0


  1. Dear Mr. Jerenberg,

    Saw your comic and read your response saying....Maybe, this time justice will be served.

    I should point out there is no direct evidence even linking Demjanjuk at Sorbibor.
    Years ago the Government of Poland investigated of having J. Demjanjuk extradicted to Poland to stand trial, after all Sorbibor is in Poland. After a year of investigation the Polish gov't said there was NOT ENOUGH evidence to charge him for crimes in Sorbibor let alone charge him for anything at all. Poland considers the case close.

    The so called identity card with is the prosecutors key evidence has many problems. Which are:

    1)Height & eyes color are wrong(MAJOR problem for prosecutors)
    2)Why is Demjanjuk NOT wearing a German
    type uniform in photograph. Some experts say the clothing looks more like a Russian type school tunic.
    3) There are 2 small punched holes in photograph, which looks like something made with a stapler.NO SUCH holes found on card photo is on. Defense claims that photo more likely came from another document & pasted on. More likely a KGB forgery.
    4) Some German military experts says signatures of known German officers on card. They were not in a position to authorized such documents.
    5) Some German documents experts say hand written and type written words on card not consistence with any German military type document. Considers card to be a KGB forgery.

    Remember, back in 1980s Demjanjuk had a choice to be deported to USSR or Israel. He choose Israel because he said he would get a better trial.
    He was tried and convicted as Ivan The Terrible, however in 1991 the Soviet Union fell apart and long sealed KGB documents turned up showing WHO THE real Ivan/Terrible was...It was not Demjanjuk. Israeli Courts had no choice & overturn his conviction and send him back home to USA.

    Before, his extradiction to Israel U.S. Gov't wanted to interview Russians that claim Demjanjuk was Ivan the Terrible. The USSR would NOT allow it(raises SERIOUS questions here).

    Here in USA a person charged with a crime is considered innocent until he is convicted in a court of law.
    It seems that Demjanjuk has ALREADY been convicted without a trial, and has to prove he is innocent.

    Please get your fact straight.

    1. I agree with you on everything but one fact. Noahyde Laws have been enacted in the USA (under Bush) and that explains much of the changes in policing and laws in that country. The people have not, of course, been informed although the information is there for the finding.

      Under these laws, one is guilty until proven innocent..... a very different legal code than we all grew up with. It is becoming so up here in Canada as well.

    2. Your condescending mealymouthed comment has been duly noted.

  2. Your "cartoon demeans" yet another victim of Holocaustmania.

    The above writer is very correct in his assessment and you should perhaps consider hopping off the Zionist media bandwagon, do some research and get your facts straight.