Merely one month (minus a day) after marking the 3,000th Visit milestone, The Eighth Day is already up to four thousand and counting, with dozens of new visits from all over the glove each day! I'm pleased as punch! Despite guests from all over the world (including a rather sizeable portion of Arab countries that helped push this cartoon to 126 hits in a mere three weeks), the visitor that pushed us over the edge at rather prosaic 3:08:19 PM EST, hails from the rather prosaic Plymouth, UK. Still, good show anyway, old chap/chapette!
The intervening time span has showcased several encouraging diversification trends:
  • 27 posts each garnered at least 1% of the thousand hits (previously, that number was 18)
  • The top 10 most popular posts accounted for 43.7% of all visitors' entrances (previously 56.8%, meaning a drop of 13.1%)
  • Only 2 posts had over 50 hits, or 5% of the thousand (last time around it was 6)
  • With just 12 new posts, 114 different entries scored hits (as opposed to 94)
  • And best of all, there was definite turnover at the top--only 5 of the previous top 10 most popular posts remained there.
I say "best of all", because this time I have an excuse to draw a new montage scene!

This drawing represnts the most popular pictures of The Eighth Day; when planning, I noticed that the subject could be easily arrayed into a nice little standoff of villains vs. heroes (plus a background/environment).
The aforementioned political cartoon of the fall of Tuinisia's President Ben Ali proved to be TED's biggest hit, garnering nearly twice as many hits as this pic, which I am pleased to report is the very first result in Google Images for "Judas Liz", as well as being on Page 1 for "Iron Liz" and "Linkara" (Alas, "Mechakara"--the fourth participant--only rates Page 2).
My first Linkara drawing proved its durability again, finishing in the topmost group for the fourth straight time. The same went for the Tortoise and the Hare and Young Justice: The Next Generation. The only other repeat performer here is the rattlesnake mascot.
It was a good time for political cartoons as three others also leapfrogged upwards--well, four if you want to get technical, but since two of them appear in the same post it's sometimes difficult to tell which one brought their visitors here. As such, they are ably represented here by their common factor: horrible weather conditions. The other two are December's Star Wars takeoff and October's tree-cutting semi-metaphor.

Drawn using:
No. 2 pencil
Colored pencils
Colored markers
Black 0.4 mm pilot pen
Black 0.5 mm pilot pen
Black 0.7 mm pilot pen
Serif PhotoPlus SE

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