Superman's marriage to break up?

There are strong rumors floating around that part of the upcoming DC Comics relaunch (dubbed the "DCnU") involves getting rid of the marriage of Lois Lane and Clark Kent, a.k.a. Superman.

giant hand of dc editor executive holding taking superman away from lois lane crying running on daily planet building rooftop reaching out for each other
Instead of like it was with the death of Lian Harper, when I got angry, this time I'm just sad. In both cases, I'm less affected by how well executed the stories around them are (it's One More Day! Only the Devil's not involved!) than by my emotional connection to the characters themselves. Little Lian was a bundle of joy that didn't deserve to die, and even less so in such a brutally stupid manner; Lois & Clark is one of the greatest comic book romances of all time--possible even the greatest--and are quite happily married. They don't deserve to be split up just for the sake of making Superman "more accessible" or goodness knows what.
UPDATE: The split has been confirmed, along with a whole host of other maddening details that are beyond the scope of this blog to comment on.
UPDATE 2: Reblogged by thehappysorceress and thence by numerous others on Tumblr. One thing that vexes me is that I am credited as "Ramat Beit Shemesh", when even the most cursory of glances would have shown my real name. Sigh...

Drawn using:
No. 2 pencil (sketch)
Black 0.4 mm pilot pen
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  1. I agree. Even if they want to do the romance/courtship over again for new readers, it's pointless to me. It's like reinventing the wheel. We've got the wheel and now they'll be taking it away. Do they really think folks are gonna be excited to read the Superman books to see Clark try to woo Lois away from the brainless looking stud in the sneaked pages? I doubt anyone will buy the comics for that. So why break up the Super couple. feh