Today's J. Post cartoon

Fifth consecutive political cartoon to be published by the Post. Man, I am lovin' this new op-ed editor--hasn't a day gone by since he took over that there hasn't been a cartoon by somebody or other in print.
Anyhow, cartoon!

going to school new school year children afraid
The new school year is nigh--with very different concerns for students in different countries. ("Color Red", ot Tzeva Adom, is the alarm that sounds whenever a rocket gets fired from Gaza; it's activated so frequently that it has unfortunately become part of our national lexicon and Southern residents' nightmares.) To top things off, thanks to bureaucratic snafus and other factors, many Southern school buildings still haven't received potentially life-saving structural reinforcements.

Drawn using:
No. 2 pencil (sketch)
Black 0.5 mm pilot pen
Serif PhotoPlus 6.0

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