Ripped From the Archives: January 2009

Full disclosure: I never received the January issue in the mail and can find no sign of its existence at Issuu.com, so I have no idea if any of the following made it in or not.

whack a mole moshe feiglin binyamin netanyahu
Ah, Moshe Feiglin... if Bibi Netanyahu is Superman, then Feiglin is Lex Luthor. Or possibly kryptonite. Except that Superman is an amoral, spineless SOB (and I think it speaks volumes about our local politicians that he's still the best man for the prime minister's job anyway). Escaping that mixed metaphor, Feiglin has been a political thorn in Netanyahu's side for many years. but each time he gets knocked down (i.e. maneuvered around) he just pops right back up. Must be frustrating.
This was the second time I'd ever drawn Bibi and the first time I began altering his look to how I draw him today--the more true-to-life pointy eyebrows and the checkered shirt, symbolizing his cheap hucksterism (which usually shows up nowadays as a checkered tie).

how dare they use incitement by calling this a pogrom settler violence against palestinians now that a pogrom olmert barak amona hebron
In 2006, the government squared off against demonstrators protesting the destruction of nine houses in the settlement of Amona, with violent results. When, at the time, some likened it to a pogrom, Olmert and his cohorts lashed out at them furiously, terming it incitement and provocation. Fast forward two years, and these same people were terming far lesser violence occurring between Jews and Palestinians in Hebron a pogrom...

domino effect falling dollar euro pound yen shekel
Looking back at this one, it doesn't seem nearly as clever now... nor as funny.

Drawn using:
No. 2 pencil (sketch)
Black ballpoint pen

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