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hah you call these terror attacks back in my day we knew how to commit proper terror attacks report card new delhi tbilisi bangkok must try harder ayatollah mahmoud ahmadinejad toy nuke on wheels propellor beanie cap
Over the past few days, terror attacks have been carried out against Israeli diplomats in India and Georgia, with another one foiled in Thailand. The government's pointing fingers at Iran, primarily because the perpetrators caught in Bangkok are all Iranian, which sounds pretty convincing to me. However, all the damage done has been limited to injuring a diplomat's wife and ruining a car (in New Delhi). Explosives were found near the embassy in Tbilisi and neutralized before they could go off, and the Bangkok terrorists spectacularly bungled their operation before even carrying out their plan, with one accidentally blowing his own legs off. It's certainly a fall from grace for Iran, whose previous contributions to the field of international terrorism include the 1992 Buenos Aires embassy attack and the 1994 AMIA bombing.

Drawn using:
No. 2 pencil (sketch)
Black 0.4 mm pilot pen
Black 0.5 mm pilot pen
Black 0.7 mm pilot pen
Serif PhotoPlus Starter Edition

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