Today's J. Post cartoon - and what it replaced

Politics, man... they can mess you up.

shaul mofaz grinning smugly two fingers v vee for victory sign tzipi who scroll list accomplishments unity deal stable coalition tal law alternative committee vice premiership elections on time
This is Shaul Mofaz, smugly accomplishing more in two weeks as leader of the Kadima party than Tzipi Livni did for three whole years. So where does the mess-up come into play?

lag baomer 2012 shaul mofaz i brought the hot dogs avigdor liberman i brought the marshmallows binyamin netanyahu and i brought the hot potato tal law bonfire 18th knesset cookout
This was the cartoon I drew one whole day before the other one, when it looked like the country was inexorably headed for early elections, mostly thanks to the "hot potato" topic of reforming the Tal Law, which is about the service of chareidim in the IDF and which I'm sure is of no interest to anybody in the world at large. Also, it tied in to tomorrow's Lag BaOmer celebrations. I really liked this one. I thought it was clever and funny. And then I wake up the next morning and find out that suddently it has become completely and totally irrelevant, and have to scramble to draw a replacement (which fortunately came to my mind almost immediately, which is not always the case).

Drawn using:
No. 2 pencil (sketch) (both)
Black 0.4 mm pilot pen (both)
Black 0.5 mm pilot pen (both)
Black 0.7 mm pilot pen (second)
Serif PhotoPlus Starter Edition (both)


  1. do you roast marshmallows on the fire in israel or is this a cartoon made for the american audience? i also see a lot of comments made by netanyahu that are seemingly targeted for consumption by the american public.

    1. Well, y'see, the cartoon is intended for an English-speaking audience, so I assume that the majority of those who read it would be familiar with what it refers to. The concept of toasting marshmallows, by the by, is not unknown here, but is less "authentically" Israeli (as bonfire food) than meat & potatoes.