Something Awful This Way Comes

It has come to my attention that a cartoon of mine has been posted on a Something Awful thread about offensive political cartoons. My thoughts on the matter:
  • Reading through a bit of the thread, I saw some cartoons that were disgusting, some cartoons that were weird, and some cartoons that had simply committed the heinous crime of depicting a right-of-center position.
  • It was amusing to see all the bile spewed at the overwhelmingly conservative selection of cartoons; apparently, liberals can be just as myopic to their own offensiveness as anybody else.
  • The phrasing of the post in question is a little ambiguous: apparently I'm like Dry Bones crossed with J.R. Rose. Dry Bones I'm quite familiar with, naturally, and it's apparently a referral to my political stance; J.R. Rose was unfamiliar to me, but a quick Google search seems to indicate that it's a reference to my drawing style (politically, there wasn't much to indicate Mr. Rose's stance in the samples I glanced through).
  • It seems a trifle odd that the sample of my work chosen for display was this one, since I'm pretty sure that it's a bipartisan consensus that Syria is in the soup and that it's Bashar Assad stirring the pot. All of which leaves me confused as to how I am being "offensive"--unless I'm just offensive overall, but in that case, why choose that one to represent me?
  • It also mentions (disapprovingly... I think) that I published the IP address of someone who "left a negative comment" on one of my cartoons, along with a rage comic reaction. Just to be clear: I don't mind negative comments per se. Heck, I've allowed two very negative comments to be posted regarding my Demjanjuk cartoon. However, if you're going to be negative towards me, (a) back it up with something substantial/constructive instead of just saying insults like "This is pitiful", and (b) at least have the decency to leave behind an ID instead of hiding in anonymity.
In any event:

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