Today's J. Post cartoon

white house press secretary by calling jerusalem the capital of israel mr romney has displayed an ignorance of history 50 years foreign policy deep roots 3000 years jewish heritage
The White House press secretary actually said that Mitt Romney was "ignorant of history" when he called Jereusalem the capital of Israel. Mr. Secretary, you can stand on your hand and hold your breath till you're blue, but history--actual, real-world history--carries much more weight than a few piddling decades of don't-rock-the-boat foreign policy. (If you think this motif looks familiar, you're right.)
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UPDATE 2: My first double-double! This time LBdO gets in on the fun as well.

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  1. So I don't like Romney by any means, but Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel. Look it up, thirty seconds of google search makes your blog post looked even more ignorant than Mr. Mitt. It IS the capital, it just isn't internationally recognized as such. Which essentially means, it is the capital.

    1. Huh? I think you need to reread the post--I'm ridiculing the White House for saying that calling Jerusalem the capital of Israel displays ignorance, when in fact it is they who are ignorant.