Harry Potter game board

This is a homemade version of Monopoly based on the Harry Potter books. My brother was doing a report on one of them and needed to do something creative to accompany it (I don't remember if it necessarily had to be a game), so he chose this and asked me to draw it. He drew in the boxes himself and colored them; the only problem was that he forgot how many squares there are on a Monopoly board, which is why a few of them look wonky.
Many of the character designs were copied from those that appeared in my earlier Harry Potter Four-of-a-Kind (drawn for the same brother, incidentally).
UPDATE: Used by the Literacy, families and learning blog in a post. Claimed to be courtesy of my blog but no such courtesy was actually granted. Must be one of them imaginary courtesies I hear about floating around.

Drawn using:
Black marker

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