Ripped From the Archives: August 2008

Once again, all three of the following saw print in a single month.

ehud olmert tzipi livni i hate backstabbing liars knives in backs bodies on floor israeli public likud
In what has proven to be my other blog's most popular image, I show the absurdity of Olmert complaining about Livni being a "backstabbing liar". Hypocrite much, Mr. Bolt-the-Party-and-Uproot-the-Settlements?

successful negotiations samir kuntar lebanese mega terrorist evil celebration israeli idf soldiers coffins flags ehud goldwasser eldad regev
The infamous Samir Kuntar deal. Nothing more need be said.

the investigations begin to get to olmert and now ive started seeing policemen everywhere i go tell me doc am i going crazy not at all now where were you on the night of the 15th psychiatrist office couch session psychoanalysis freud police cap
An earlier variation on Olmert's tribulations.

Drawn using:
No. 2 pencil (sketch)
Black ballpoint pen

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