Lian playing darts with Ted and Ryan

From: big_daddy_d
So...after all that..Maxwell Lord..still ****ing got away?

From: fleur_de_liz
Somewhere, Ted Kord is flipping a table and cursing colorfully.

From: pyrotwilight
Lian: What happened now Uncle Ted?
Ted: *sigh* Nothing. Just more drama. Let's get back to playing darts with Ryan.
-- scans_daily thread, 28/4/11

lian harper fist in air celebrating victorious ryan choi atom mouth open agape confused perplexed stunned ted kord blue beetle sitting on couch playing throwing darts laughing bullseye
I'm sorry, but the mental image of Lian Harper playing darts with Ryan Choi and Ted Kord in the DC Comics afterlife was too good for me to pass up.
This little scene is set sometime before or after Ted's above outburst; Lian has just made yet another bull's-eye (she's an Arrow kid, what do you expect?), frustrating Ryan, whose "Bwuuuh?" face is making Ted snicker. Note Ted's 52 shirt. The star on Lian's shirt, of course, refers to her hometown of Star City.
UPDATE: Now chronologically my second superhero cartoon posted on The Happy Sorceress, reblogged by highball2814 and bringbacklianharper. (And they still can't get my name right...)

Drawn using:
No. 2 pencil (sketch)
Black 0.4 mm pilot pen
Black 0.5 mm pilot pen
Black marker

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