Today's J. Post cartoon

You know, I've done cartoons about Egypt before; I've done cartoons on Iran and Libya and Syria and Dubai, and cartoons with Jordan and Turkey and Lebanon and Tunisia and even Algeria, and of course I've done cartoons aplenty featuring Israel and the Palestinians. But there's at least one notable Mideast country that I have not yet worked into a political cartoon: Yemen. Time to fix that!

man ali abdullah saleh holding on to power yemen
Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh, faced with an uprising similar to the one going in Syria, is very slowly and begrudgingly giving up his grip on power... and sometimes, frankly, the only way to illustrate a situation is simply to convert it into a visual medium. Originally I was thinking about maybe putting one or more people on the bottom, saying something like, "Okay, that's good, now keep going," but I think this came out pretty well as it is.

Drawn using:
No. 2 pencil (sketch)
Blue 0.5 mm needle tip pen
Blue 0.7 mm pilot pen
Serif PhotoPlus6.0

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