Bumper sticker contest winner

Today I was informed that the above design had won a bumper sticker contest organized by the right wing grassroots political organization Mattot Arim. It is based off a quote by Vice-PM Moshe Ya'alon, and says "When the dove of peace comes--guess who has to clean up after it?"
This was my first ever practical application of Adobe Illustrator and as such the first time my just-completed Computer Graphics course paid off--may it continue to do so for ever more :-)
My favorite thing about this is that since the version I was using wasn't Mideast-compatible, it was lettered by hand, which I felt--wrongly, as it turns out--had put me at a handicap. Thus, the sticker goes into print nationwide, and I get 1,800 NIS (about $500)--nothing be sneezed at, certainly.

Drawn using:
Adobe Illustrator CS4

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