Neogenix Team Alpha

The Neogenix sprouted from an idea I had that started out as a creative exercise and not, as so many other drawing subjects did, as a full-blown scheme. Naturally, they've become one of my most enduring and developing.
It is the far future; attacks on Earth by a bloodthirsty extraterrestrial species have united the world's countries and set them to creating 36 superpowered humans, in 6 teams of 6, to combat the alien menace. Unfortunately, a major attack launched earlier than expected has forced the humans to launch the Neogenix into space with their bodies matured only to the equivalent of nine years old--thereby giving some of them power glitches. Now 36 children are all that stands between humanity and oblivion...
This is Team Alpha. Burn (team leader) controls fire; Stretch stretches; Ultra's suit packs a punch; Ghost can float and become intangible but is stuck in permanent invisibility mode; Nano can shrink; and Slash can control metal molecules within five feet of his hands--his favored method of battle is manipulating said molecules into the forms of knives.

Drawn using:
No. 2 pencil

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