They've come to kick butt and chew gum. They've got gum, but they'll kick your butt anyways.

Or, "When the going gets tough, the cute get going".
So one day I thinks to myself I thinks, "What would Jaime Reyes's little sister Milagro look like all grown up?" After all, it's widely accepted that with such genetic awesomeness behind her, some would be bound to trickle down.
So I drew it.
Then for good measure I added Lian Harper, who has already exhibited many signs of Awesome+Cute at a ridiculously precocious age. Then I threw in li'l Alina (last name unknown), who has been stated to have vast magic potential.
Milagro I envisioned not as an actual Green Lantern (as some Internet folks are clamoring for her to become), but somewhat obsessed with the Corps and having a mentor-student thing going on with Guy Gardner; hence the shirt--not to mention the vest. No, Milagro to me is a Badass Normal. And she protects El Paso while big brother Jaime's away. (The EPPD on her cap, FYI, stands for "El Paso Police Department".)
She, in turn, mentors Alina.
Lian's costume is a combination of her father's and Green Arrow's. And like Black Canary, that's not her natural hair color, but a disguise (and doubles neatly as a reference to her initial DCU appearance, since retconned).

Drawn using:
No. 2 pencil (sketch)
Black 0.4 mm pilot pen
Black 0.25 mm pilot pen
Adobe Illustrator CS4

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