Blackest Night: The Muppet Show

Spinning out of DC Comics' Crossover Event of 2009! OK, may be not, but this would be so awesome if it were real. For the unitiated: Animal--Red Lantern (rage), Miss Piggy--Orange Lantern (avarice), Kermit--Blue Lantern (hope), Pepe--Star Sapphire (Violet, love. Heh heh heh), Sam--Indigo Tribe (compassion. Don't laugh, I think he is in an uber-patriotic sort of way. Plus, he's kind of a jerk, just like the real Tribesmen), Sweetums--Sinestro Corps (Yellow, fear. Inspiring fear, that is, not fearful), Fozzie--Green Lantern (will), and Gonzo--a pretend Black Lantern (lack of emotion and, well, deadness).

Drawn using:
No. 2 pencil
Black 0.5 mm pilot pen
Colored pencils

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