Neogenix Team Zeta

Aurora (team leader) can fly and generate forcefields; Ammo carries a lot of weaponry and has untapped ability to "speak" to them; Rusty is not truly a robot, but rather a bio-mechanical humanoid (meaning he has blood, internal organs, etc.) and can "armor up"; Richocet Robert has near-indestructible skin and can also fly; Database is practically omniscient and would have full ability to rearrange space and time at his whim, making him the strongest Neogenix member--but unfortunately was "born" mentally retarded and thus only does so in hidden spurts; and Sparkplug controls electricity.
And this concludes my rundown of the Neogenix roster!
Team Alpha
Team Beta
Team Gamma
Team Delta
Team Epsilon

Drawn using:
No. 2 pencil

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