Almost half a year after The Eighth Day's one thousandth visitor, some dude/dudette from the United Kingdom kicked the hits total up to two thousand at 7:00:19 AM EST!!!
In celebration of this newest milestone, here's another compilation of TED's most popular entries during the intervening span:

There are plenty of repeat performers here. The two posts concerning the Tortoise and the Hare combined to finish way ahead of everything else; the Linkara Corps led all single comers with nearly 100 hits (and carved out a niche on or near the first page of Google Images search results for "linkara"). Also teaming up were my fanart depictions of an alt-future Young Justice team, thanks to news of an impending cartoon adaptation of the franchise sparking a renewed interest in the subject--good enough for third. My second batch of anthropomorphized Kung Fu Panda characters also held strong.
Newer material also made it in. The running book logo and rattlesnake mascot proved to be hits, as did the Dom DeLuise memorial cartoon, mostly via Bing.
Older posts mounted comebacks as well, as the inclusion of the duck from the Pratchett-inspired Larson tribute shows; and my alt-future Teen Titans post was also snapped up, bizarrely enough, by a stretching fetish messagegroup. ...Yeah, I'll just let that one sink in for a bit.
Plus, can't forget my ongoing political cartooning! The Obamacare booth and Demjanjuk accusation remained top dog, but in the interest of variety, I'm replacing them with Binyamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud "Abu Mazen" Abbas.

Drawn using:
No. 2 pencil
Colored pencils
Red marker
Black 0.4 mm pilot pen
Black 0.5 mm pilot pen
Black 0.7 mm pilot pen
Serif PhotoPlus 6.0

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  1. Just in time for Super Bonza-Bottler Day, too! (10-10-10). ;-)