Dan, the non-monstrous monster

Back in seventh grade (2001) some of the guys in the class held semiregular Monster Drawing Contests, a tradition dating back to the previous year (when I was in a different school). I never won any of the title matchups, though I came close; I had drawn Dan but when the contests quietly folded, I was unable to use him, along with Panic in the Sheets, Cool Karate Guy IV, Bushintrein, and Haf-Ded, Rider of the Night Mare. Just as well; in my mind I knew that the 8-foot Dan wasn't actually monstrous at all, but actually quiet and docile, and belonged to a boy named Bob. I had, in fact, drawn him the way I visualized Stanley and Fluffy, the Plants that Ate Dirty Socks, even though I knew they really looked just like normal plants with cone-shaped leaves.

Drawn using:
No. 2 pencil

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