Photoshop website homepage mockups

My motto--well, one of my mottoes--is "It doesn't count as work if you have fun doing it." I apply this liberally to all of my homework assigments for the Computer Graphics course; these two were no exceptions.
The seal of the UC (United Countries) of 2012 is a combination of those of the US and UN. The Latin was fun to figure out ("In Deus Nos Fides" is "In God We Trust", and "Citius, Fortius, Satius", a corruption of the Olympics' motto, is "Faster, Stronger, Better"). You'll be seeing more about the Neogenix in the future.
I cannot, however, claim responsibility for the Photoshopped Robo-Pet pics, which I swiped off the Internet. (There were lots more that appeared when you accessed the different menus [not available here].)

Drawn using:
Adobe Photoshop CS3

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