Denizens of the Deep

This was even earlier, back in 7th grade. I got bored and began doodling some random monsters, starting with the Godgob and Hila. Then came the Iksbo and the Mikat. Then the Ri. I drew 'em all down on a pizza cardboard along with the faces of biologist adventurers Rex DeRamna (definitely not 1 1/2) and Archie McAnnem (the brain and the brawn, respectively), the Zonpur (which enjoys nibbling on human toenails), and the Grobsiev (really a Horrible Hopping Hindsight shamelessly stolen from The Phantom Tollbooth). The Wa-Ah and Fegeaux (my least favorite creation) were added in later to fill out space. They are all found on Acribofunta, the sole continent on a post-apocalyptic Earth where much of the flora and fauna is still being discovered.
Hilae feed on Godgobs by hypnotizing them. During mating season male Iksbos grow additional spikes and armor. No one knows yet how Grobsievs feed themselves. Why "Denizens of the Deep"? No idea. The only aquatic creature (not counting the swamp-dwelling Hila and Godgob) is the Zonpur.

Drawn using:
No. 2 pencil

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