Rister and Rob

This is the first-ever appearance of Rister Mogers. One day in 9th grade, I decided to write down in one of my notebooks several witicisms that sprung to mind. For some reason I also decided this would require a nominal narrator. There he is the top top left corner: Rister Mogers, a Spoonerism of "Mr. Rogers", who was well known for being an Authority on Everything But Especially Childhood.
Then I decided he needed a partner. Naturally. So I drew them on the opposite page. There you have them, back to back: the first appearance of Rister and... um, the other fellow.
The other fellow needed a name. Since I was then and now infatuated with Bob Hope and the concept of the Road Movies, Rister=Bing (weird name) so Bob=Rob. Rob went without a last name for a few weeks, and then one of my friends suggested "Banks". I laughed, but somehow it stuck. I planned on deliberately keeping his glasses small, but they grew while the shoes shrunk.
So, Rister Mogers and Rob Banks, best friends and hosts of That Ol' Rister & Rob Show ("Just Like Any Other Show Except When It Isn't"). Here you have them.

Drawn using:
No. 2 pencil

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