Wow, what a predictable post title to mark my latest milestone, huh? Well, I apologize, but it's an Internet Law that whenever this particular number is mentioned, that line must be quoted. On pain of... I don't know. Something quite painful, I'm sure.
So here's a montage, but a little different this time around: instead of drawing representative characters from my most popular posts, I'm republishing them in different sizes, signifying how popular each one was:

  • A total of 30 pics each accounted for at least 1% of the grand total of hits
  • That was from a total of 65 with at least 5 hits
  • 151 pics in all got specific referrals
  • The top 10 posts only accounted for 31% of referral traffic
  • And no post received 50 entry hits
  • Finally, and most infuruatingly, the person pushing me over (at 6:18:48 PM EST) hailed from none other than... Fairport, New York, USA. What's so infuriating about that? Because visitor #8,998 was from Dubai--and the two right afterwards were from South Africa and Jamaica. Why can't I ever have somebody from an exotic location as my milestone man??
Drawn using:
Adobe Photoshop CS3

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