Ripped From the Archives: January 2008

One of the following three cartoons became my first ever published political cartoon, in the Jan. 2008 edition of ShiurTimes magazine. They never sent me a copy and never answered my question as to which one it was, so feel free to guess!

teachers strike chanukah present good news boys youre going back to school judge in robes and wig waving court order teenagers students drinking beer playing videogames
Already covered here.

israel releases 429 terrorists to bolster mahmoud abbas goodwill gesture ehud olmert now how about bolstering me abu mazen what else ya got to offer shalit in container on shelf
Although I drew the one about the end of the teachers' strike first, I think I thought of the idea for this one even earlier.

ehud olmert army helmet beth shalom hebron settler eviction soldiers idf there will be no negotiations we will not allow these dangerous extremists to disrupt the peace process
A big news story at the time was the government-led campaign to evict Hebron residents from a house monikered Beth Shalom, which had been bought from a local Arab who later backed out and claimed that (all evidence to the contrary) no such transaction had taken. Eventually (IIRC) the army was indeed called in to carry it out. Talk about your misplaced priorities...

Drawn using:
No. 2 pencil (sketch)
Black ballpoint pen
Black marker (first)

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