Today's jpost.com cartoon

Didn't particularly impress myself with how this one turned out from an artistic viewpoint, but I think it gets the message across nonetheless.

obama wiping mouth with napkin saying more please accepting palestinian narrative of history vs israeli narrative bibi in chefs hat abbas in chez du slop apron pile of garbage on filthy tablecloth roast chicken on silver platter nice table
Obama recently made a big speech detailing how he wants us to just pull back and hand the Palestinians a country based on the 1949-1967 armistice lines, known colloquially as the "Auschwitz Borders", as well as implicitly accepting various details of the Palestinians' bogus historical narrative. In the days since, he's dialed it back somewhat, but nowhere near enough to give me second thoughts about this cartoon.
UPDATE: Ninth cartoon reposted by Daniel Dagan.

Drawn using:
No. 2 pencil (sketch)
Black 0.4 mm pilot pen
Black 0.5 mm pilot pen
Serif PhotoPlus 6.0

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